The Snowed In, Weather Delayed, Plans Cancelled Weekly Recap

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Let me get this right out there – I live in Texas for a reason.  Easy access to anywhere in the US, proximity to family, my beautiful hometown of Fort Worth, and occasionally great weather.  But a few times a year I begin to question my decision when the weather gets yucky.

I am usually above going on and on about the weather, but this week its been the center of my existence.  When I left my house in DFW last Sunday, we were on our way to the first snow/ice storm.  I managed to get out despite massive weather delays and cancellations – but my final destination was Buffalo where they had wind chills that dipped down to up to minus 30 degrees during my week there.  Then I made my way back to Texas just in time to land in the middle of storm number two.  I’ve been housebound since arriving home on Friday, unable to back my car down my steep icy driveway.

Now I just hope it clears in the next 24 hours so I can repeat the cycle this week.  The worst part of Friday’s storm is that I missed attending the Austin MegaDO with old friends from Flyer Talk and Mile Point.  I had planned to drive down on Friday after landing at DFW at noon.  Due to a mechanical delay, I didn’t land until 2 pm and by then the roads were horrid.  It took until 4:30 pm to get home in an Uber (normally a 30 minute drive) and by then, I knew I’d be stuck for the weekend.

Its been good to have time to catch up though – and timely too.  I’ll be the featured blogger on Boarding Area this coming week so I’ve been catching up on a few things to share in that time!

The cold week (and subsequent cold weekend) meant I’ve watched a lot of television, like the special episode of The Bachelor in Bali this past week.  I’ve also caught up on a few internet funnies like this funny first class flying video.  And there’s another funny video mixed in with my thoughts on gratitude (in various forms)!

One of the reasons I like to do my weekly recap is to make sure you don’t miss any news you can use.  One of those stories this week had to do with possible compensation for past transpacific flights due to a class action settlement in a price fixing case.  If you have taken a transpacific flight since January 1, 2000 you need to check out that story – you might have a rebate headed your way if you join the class action group.  And while you are reading, here are a few other interesting stories I found this week.

Check back in tomorrow when I start my featured week on Boarding Area – and try to get out of what will surely be a very busy DFW Airport so that I can enjoy another week on the road!


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