Volvo Saved My Life and Other News in the Weekly Recap

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Happy Monday!  What a week… I don’t know where to begin.

I started off the week talking about Uber earnings (and whether they clear minimum wage now) in my own market with recent rate reductions.  And then less than 48 hours later, I suddenly found myself sitting on the side of the road – a newly minted member of the Volvo Saved My Life club – because the front end of my car was sliced into by the t-bar on a tow truck in a chain reaction collision.


No word on when (or if) I’ll get my car back – today is day six and they still have only done the exterior body assessment.

I’ve quickly gone from being a weekend UberX driver to a daily UberX passenger as I wait because I don’t carry rental coverage on my policy (since I’m gone so often, it costs me more than just paying for what I need out of pocket).  As I consumer, I’m suddenly in love with the $4 rides – but I still feel obligated to tip my drivers if they know I drive for UberX.  And I’ve discovered I can now ride UberX to/from the airport for less than the cost of gas plus parking if I’m gone for more than two days.  I’ll have more analysis of the “other side”.

In the meantime, I’m going to be traveling even more than normal for the foreseeable future.  January was a 17 segment month and I foresee February and March looking to be as much or more.  I really wanted to squeeze in an international trip in February for my birthday to use up two expiring SWUs I’d earmarked for that purpose but I can’t see how to work them into my schedule.

We’ve been awfully social around the Jetsetter’s Homestead in the past week.  First I was invited to weigh in on my favorite underrated credit card product over on Doctor of Credit.  Then I got to be the guest curator at Next Issue (my very favorite iPad app).  And of course I did my weekly cruise around Prior2Boarding to pick out my favorites there too!

Travel-wise, I continue to get caught up on my Indonesian trip report – this week it was Jen Versus the Volcano (or how I conquered Mount Bromo).  And I talked travel snacking!

This week don’t forget that I’m giving away a Cathay Pacific first class amenity kit (enter on that post before 12 pm CT tomorrow for a chance to win).  You can look forward to me talking about my recent infidelity (and why I’ll do it again), the shocking thing I did in a rental car recently, and maybe I’ll finally get around to that stack of hotel reviews I’ve been putting off!

But in the meantime, I’m about to dig in and take advantage of two consecutive days in the office to see if I can accomplish a few things on looming projects while I’m here.  And maybe I’ll even get lucky and get an update on how the damage adjustment on my car is going!

Have a fabulous week!


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  1. I’m surprised that your rental car coverage would be that high. I know on a couple different insurance companies I’ve had over the past 10+ years it was always a minor amount like $5 to $10 every 6 months for rental car and towing coverage with roadside assistance. Interesting.

    As a Volvo S80 driver I can relate to Volvo’s being a safe car. My family loves Saab’s and Volvo’s and have never had to fully use the safety features but Volvo’s are tough and can take a licking for sure. I hope you didn’t get hurt.

    • Mine was closer to $5-10 a month and ut the bigger part of the issue is that I’ve had problems in the past if the repair work gets completed on day 1 of a 5 day trip out of town. Meanwhile I’m paying to park the rental car at the airport (because its rented from a local Enterprise by the car repair, not the airport which is 35 miles away) so I’m now also paying the other four days of cost out of my own pocket because I can’t return it. MUCH cheaper to use Uber to get around town on my light driving days and get a rental car between airport trips when I know I need more mobility. At this point, I’m all about the win-win financially.

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