Whirlwind Travel, Television, and Too Much Uber – The Weekly Recap

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Ah… it feels good to be back in the saddle – or first class seat if you will.  It was a five day whirlwind –  seven air segments, two car rentals, three hotel rooms.  And I still slept in my own bed for four nights.  But that’s only a tiny bit of my weekly recap… there was so much to it!

With the return to travel, I’m slowly catching back up on my travel talk.  I keep getting sidetracked, but managed to work on a few pieces – my typical travel day, , and a review of the Hyatt Regency O’Hare.  I also updated my Hotel Reviews Master Page.

Other P2B bloggers also shared some great travel news this week.  I highlighted a few of my favorite stories here.

I might have gotten more reviews and trip reports caught up if I hadn’t been sidetracked by not one, but two Uber stories.  First I discussed several ways that passengers are cheating Uber (hopefully flaws in their software that will get fixed!)  Then a day later, UberX announced rate cuts in 48 markets.  I’ll have some analysis this week of what that actually looks like now that it’s in place – I did eight hours of butt-in-seat time and also took three UberX (and one Lyft) rides of my own this weekend.  I’ll share more analysis this week once I can run the numbers on my pay statement.

Its back to good television again – The Bachelor (which I love to hate – but something I will now associate with long distance dating).  I also binge watched all of Season 3 of House of Lies (something that occasionally hits a bit to close to home after all my years in management consulting!) just in time for Season 4 to premiere last night.  Also in the category of “good television”, my Green Bay Packers beat the Dallas Cowboys in a thrilling playoff game.  I managed to make it out of the sports bar here in enemy territory (Dallas/Fort Worth) in my green jersey unscathed.

I got to attend a wonderful party this weekend thrown for the 40th birthday of one of my travel friends.  It’s the second milestone birthday party I’ve been to recently for someone I know thanks to my frequent flyer status.  I shared my thoughts on that world in The Rêveurs, a reflective bit I wrote.  These are the things I love about my travels – the people, the experiences – the good stuff.

This week its back to the grind – six more segments, two more rental cars, two more hotels, and a ship – no rest for the wicked!  It will be a great one – and hopefully fabulous for all.


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