You Might Be Surprised Who Drives for UberX

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UberX drivers come from all slices of life.  You might be surprised who drives for UberX and what they do when they are not driving.

Yesterday ESPN featured a story about Matt Stainbrook, a starter for the Xavier men’s basketball team and also a Cleveland UberX driver.

Matt’s story is pretty cool – he is in his last year of eligibility and attending grad school.  He gave up his full ride so that his younger brother Tim, a sophomore walk-on to the team, could have his scholarship.

He’s now driving UberX to cover his extra living expenses.  UberX has been a great way for so many individuals to monetize their personal vehicles to earn extra cash.  There are no set hours, no minimum weekly requirements.  Individuals merely need to have a four door vehicle that qualifies (age/condition of car, which can vary by market), a clean driving record, and pass a background check.  Drivers are paid weekly (in my market, UberX takes $1 for each ride I complete to cover an occurrence commercial insurance policy plus 20% of the remaining fare – the other 80% is paid out to me along with any incentive bonuses that might be in effect for the given week).

When I ride with UberX, I love to ask my drivers why they started.  Most have an interesting story or unique goal in mind.  Matt Stainbrook’s story is just another intriguing individual who drives for UberX.

For me, driving for UberX is money I can set aside directly for some costly house repairs I need to make next year after the city completes ongoing flood abatement in my neighborhood.  Those expenses for my home repairs are not covered by my regular homeowners insurance policy so I’m saving up now.  I can use my car (that spends more time parked than not since I travel so much) to have money direct deposited straight into the checking account for my house and avoid dipping into my discretionary travel budget or emergency savings.

If you have ever thought about driving for UberX, I’d love to chat with you.  I can refer drivers anywhere with Uber service and if eligible you can get a sign-on bonus after your first 20 rides (promotional terms can vary by market but right now in DFW it’s $200 for the new UberX driver and $250 to the existing driver who referred them).

I know now how many of us in the points-and-miles world love easy money so this is a low-commitment way to see if driving for UberX is something you like.  If you are interested in a driver referral, hit me up at and include the email or mobile number you want to use for your signup link.



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