Stitch Fix Box Review – October 2014

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I subscribe to a personal shopping subscription service called Stitch Fix.  It’s an online personal shopping service where users can create their own custom profile to receive regular hand-selected wardrobe additions based on their personal preferences (including lifestyle, body type, and wardrobe needs).

Here’s how it works: Users complete a detailed profile online. A stylist for the company reviews this data (which includes personal style questions, sizing, and feedback from past shipments as well as special requests for an individual box shipment) and hand-selects five pieces for the “box” which is shipped to the customer for a $20 styling fee.

Once received, the customer has three days to try on the items and determine what they would like to keep or send back. The customer then logs onto their account to answer feedback questions on all five items and pay for selected items (the $20 styling fee can be applied to any purchases in that shipment).  If all five items are kept, a 25% discount is applied to the entire order (this can often be enough that if the user likes four of the items, it makes sense to keep the fifth!)

Any unwanted items are returned via an enclosed postage paid envelope that can be dropped at any post office.

The feedback given on each prior box helps Stitch Fix tailor future boxes.  Through my first five boxes, I averaged 2 items per box that I kept.

I received box #6 in October.

It again arrived later than the requested/anticipated shipment date which meant that I missed it while traveling.  As a result, I didn’t have much time to try on items and think about whether I wanted to keep them before I had to make my choices.

Waters Abstract Print Drawstring Maxi Dress (Papermoon) $68

Waters Abstract Print Drawstring Maxi Dress (Papermoon) - $68
Waters Abstract Print Drawstring Maxi Dress (Papermoon) – $68

I’m a sucker for a knit dress, especially one that doesn’t look like the two dozen black knit dresses I already own.  The drawstring waist is a nice touch and this dress had a conservative cut that makes it appropriate for a day of travel as well as a day at the office.  Layered with a cardigan, it’s a good transitional piece.  My one qualm is that the knit pattern stretches a bit awkwardly – only a problem for me in the bust, but still something to be aware of.  KEEP

Breydon Twisted Seams Polka Dot Sweater (Kensie) $78

Breydon Twisted Seams Polka Dot Sweater (Kensie) - $78
Breydon Twisted Seams Polka Dot Sweater (Kensie) – $78


Breydon Twisted Seams Polka Dot Sweater (Kensie) - $78
Breydon Twisted Seams Polka Dot Sweater (Kensie) – $78

I loved this sweater out of the box.  It was a thin black cotton in the front with a silk polka dotted back.  The front view was cute and if I hadn’t had access to a three-way mirror, I might have kept it.  But the backside view was a different matter – it hit my hips in an unflattering way.  I would have also struggled with the right underpinnings – the black bra showed through the sheer back, but a nude bra might have shown through the thin black cotton.  Too much to worry about.  PASS

Eliza Scoop Neck Lace Panel Sweater (Kensie) $78

Elizah Scoop Neck Lace Panel Sweater (Kensie) - $78
Elizah Scoop Neck Lace Panel Sweater (Kensie) – $78

Another cute sweater but WAY too thin.  I liked the side detail, it would have required a tank or camisole to avoid the bra show-through that is obscenely visible in my photo.  For $78, I can buy an equally cute sweater that doesn’t create a peep show.  PASS

Raina Dark Denim Jacket (Liverpool) $88

Raina Dark Denim Jacket (Liverpool) - $88
Raina Dark Denim Jacket (Liverpool) – $88


Raina Dark Denim Jacket (Liverpool) - $88
Raina Dark Denim Jacket (Liverpool) – $88

This one really stumped me.  I LOVED this jacket.  The black slightly stretchy denim fit well and gave me a chic yet casual look.  But I debated how much I might actually wear it since I don’t wear jackets indoors often.  The tight sleeves meant I’d really only end up wearing it with a sleeveless or tight sleeved top and I thought that would limit it’s versatility.  If I’d had another day, I might have taken this home and tried it on with a few things and convinced myself that it needed to stay.  But for $88, it was an impulse purchase I just couldn’t justify.  PASS

Kaya Tie-Die Maxi Skirt (Loveappella) $48

Kaya Tie-Dye Maxi Skirt (Loveappella) - $48
Kaya Tie-Dye Maxi Skirt (Loveappella) – $48

I returned a similar tie-die maxi skirt from the same company in August so I was surprised to get another one so soon.  That said, I liked that one better but would wear neither of these.  I feel like Stitch Fix failed to read my profile closely enough.  PASS

All in all, one thing this month.  Not what I was hoping for in terms of cute things for vacation, but it is what it is.

My “keep” average after Box #6 is 1.83 pieces per box (11 pieces kept from 6 boxes total – or 37%).

Stitch Fix is a “no commitment” service. You can sign up for a single box or shipments at set intervals that you choose (every 2-3 weeks or monthly). Right now, they only carry sizes up to a US 14 or XL, but they do appear to be growing as a company, so that may change in the future.

If you are interested in trying Stitch Fix, I’d love it if you used my referral link as a blog reader.  (Disclosure – I do receive store credit for any new customers I refer.) And if you’ve tried it, I’d love to hear about your experiences!

I’ll be skipping my November box as my travel schedule didn’t allow me any flexibility to receive a box even a day late.  I’ll resume when I’m back from vacation (either late December or in January, depending on the availability of shipping dates).


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