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Fort Worth Cousins Gets Nod on Best Airport Dining List

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Thrillist recently published a list of the best US airports for food and beverage ranked from from 72nd to 1st.

Dallas-Fort Worth took top honors, a feat that I doubt would have been possible five years ago and one that slightly surprises me still.

What doesn’t surprise me, however, is that a restaurant from Fort Worth, Cousins, gets a special nod in the article.

I have a soft spot in my heart for Cousins.  I grew up a couple of minutes away from their original outpost on the corner of McCart and Westcreek in the southwest Fort Worth suburbs.  Cousins was a fixture in my teenaged life.  We held our Thespians banquet there each year.  I had friends who worked there after school.  And I was a fan of their BBQ baked potato, often ducking in for lunch with my girlfriends when we earned off-campus privileges.  Even in college, I’d go back to visit and sneak in a meal at Cousins for nostalgia’s sake.

Having Cousin’s at DFW Airport has been an enhancement for me.  When I was living in Dallas, I’d sometimes get Cousin’s to go from DFW after landing but before picking up my car.  And even though I now live in Fort Worth and have proximity to the original again, I still sometimes get a sausage plate or brisket backed potato before catching a flight.

The rest of the list suddenly has more credibility to me personally due to this significant nod.  But it’s a good list on it’s own.  And damned funny too.  The writer clearly gets food – and more important, clearly gets “airport food” which is a cuisine of it’s own.  That’s Austin gets ranked #13 behind DFW’s #1 is just an after effect (take that, Salt Lick).

I’m also kicking myself for not reading this list thoroughly before flying out of Wichita last week.  Because despite being #69, I feel like the waffle bar and I could have made sweet love before I flew.  I’m just saying.

What do you think of this list?  Any objections?  Or notable admissions?  Sound off in the comments!

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