Hotel Reviews – UPDATE – Sheraton Cleveland Airport Hotel

The image shows a large parking structure at an airport. There are multiple levels of parking with numerous cars parked in the open lots and on the various levels of the structure. A skybridge connects the parking structure to another building, likely the airport terminal. In the background, there is a control tower and other airport facilities. The sky is clear and blue, indicating a sunny day. The area around the parking structure has some trees and green spaces.
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Last night I had a bit of travel disruption and I ended up in Cleveland instead of Columbus.  I fortunately know my Hyatt and Starwood options here fairly well and as those are the two programs I’m focusing on for Q4 (Hyatt to requalify for Diamond status, Starwood on my quest for nights to make Lifetime Platinum soon), it was a no-brainer to book an inexpensive rate at the Sheraton Cleveland Airport Hotel since I was landing late that evening.

This is not a “re-review” but I wanted to enhance my last report with additional data points.  Please refer to the original hotel review for the more comprehensive review.  (A note about the photos – I shoot per my rules for hotel reviews, which means you get them as it looks to me when I check in.  I turned on all the lights and used a flash and some of them are STILL really dark.  That’s indicative of the lighting in the room which was dim.)


When I checked in, I clarified parking charges – it’s $12 a day but reduced to $5 for SPG Platinum members (I’m not certain whether Gold members receive the same).  Some corporate rates get parking waived so if you are traveling on one, check your terms and conditions.

Check In

Last time I commented that the person checking in ahead of me was offered a room upgrade (I was not).  This time, I mentioned that I didn’t actually need the two queens I booked (which was the least expensive room when I was booking via my iPhone in the Charlotte airport at the last minute).  The front desk clerk smiled and checked her inventory and I was given a larger king room instead.  (I was tired, so I forget specifically what these are called, but I want to say Expanded King or Extended King was what was referenced.)  She apologized for not being able to locate me on the Club Floor but gave me a separate key for Club Floor/Club Lounge access.

I waited a few minutes – the lobby was quite busy for 10 pm and there were three others checking ahead of me at 10:30 pm.  My greatest concern was being able to grab dinner – luckily the lobby bar and room service both are open until midnight!

The Room

The bathroom on room 739 was identical to the one I had previously.  But I knew immediate when I walked in that the rest of this room was different – it was double the size of the one I had previously.  It could almost be called a mini-suite but that might be pushing it (it definitely had more room and furnishings than the fake suite I booked at a Hyatt last month though!)

I snapped a few photos – I really like the separate plug station (two three prong plugs plus two USB plugs) on the nightstand!

Sheraton Cleveland Airport HotelSheraton Cleveland Airport HotelSheraton Cleveland Airport HotelSheraton Cleveland Airport HotelSheraton Cleveland Airport HotelSheraton Cleveland Airport Hotel

I was on an opposite hallway this time so I had a view of the airport.

Sheraton Cleveland Airport Hotel

Other Considerations

I got to finally visit the Club Lounge this time around.  Breakfast had a variety of options so while the buffet looked small, it had quite a few things including several cereals, yogurt, minimal fruit, eggs, sausage, oatmeal, pastries, toast, cold cuts, cheese, and one lone hard boiled egg.

Sheraton Cleveland Airport Hotel

The lounge attendant was friendly and seemed to know her regulars (and their breakfast preferences) well.  I have limitations on what I eat at breakfast (multiple food sensitivities will do that to you when breakfast is the minefield!) but I was able to have oatmeal and separate bowls of brown sugar and cinnamon were out.  I am certain if I was a longer term guest that I’d be able to get them to stock Rice Krispies or Total or Rice Chex (or another rice-based cereal) – I’m finding these are becoming more common as hotels begin to address food sensitivities.

The lounge was well lit and had plenty of seating.  The area by the window includes four stools and a long strip over a dozen power outlets – it would not be a bad place to park and work for a while.

Sheraton Cleveland Airport Hotel

The hotel is currently undergoing exterior renovations.  Workers were painting/resurfacing the building this morning when I woke up.

Sheraton Cleveland Airport Hotel


I love when a property provides a consistent guest experience.  I stay at many hotels multiple times during the course of a project or return visits to an area so I do not always re-review unless there have been significant changes – or in this case, when I can provide more data points for better planning!

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