What You Missed – Weekly Recap for 10/20-26

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What a week… I am just now digging out from a major pileup at work and regaining some traction.  My Monday somehow completely disappeared so I’m a day late on my weekly recap.

Its funny but being at home is tougher for me with productivity than being on the road.  When I’m at home there are a million distractions and everything is urgent.  When I’m in a hotel, my options are more limited and I can buckle down and focus (assuming I’m not trying to be productive at a trade show or something!)  It does not help that I had major deliverables due on four separate client projects in the last two weeks plus some other issues to tackle and try to overcome.  I don’t often get traffic jams like that but I love coming out on the other side of them!

Today I’m back on the road for eight days (a three day trip backed up to a five day trip) so I have high hopes that I will finally catch up on some of the smaller things on my task list!

Still, we managed a bit of productivity here at Jetsetter’s Homestead last week as well…

I squeezed in my Cadillac test drive before the offer got pulled.  And my “drive” was particularly memorable.  I can’t seem to get away from the Frank Kent/Churchill family this past week.  I was at Kent & Co last night for a post-project glass of bubbles with a friend when I found out that my mom went for her test drive (she registered right before the promo got pulled and had her drive yesterday) and ended up buying a new car!  No, she didn’t end up with a Cadillac as they didn’t have one that fit her specs but instead she has a new Hyundai (also purchased from a Frank Kent family dealership).  So there is a marketing return data point… no to Cadillac, yes to new car.

On Saturday, I drove UberX all day for the TCU-Texas Tech game – probably a good thing I sold my game ticket as it was a blowout for TCU.  As a Tech fan, it was better to be making money.  We had major surge pricing all day long – I took a surge pricing poll to see how my readers feel about that!  Lyft also had some interesting problems this past week with drivers complaining about changes to their direct deposited pay.

I completed Part 1 and Part 2 of my Golden Princess cruise review.  Stay tuned for the other three parts this week.  (I hate doing multi-part posts, but I also don’t want to make you slog through 5,000 words at once either!)  Next up, food!

Only one hotel review got written – I have four new properties coming in the next week so I need to catch up soon.  In the meantime, enjoy this review of the Hyatt Regency Austin.

I had a couple of polls this week – one about hotel tipping and one about a frequent traveler spelling conundrum.  The results of both were slightly surprising – who knew?!

And one mini rant about people with very little perspective (the kind who travel might benefit) like the crazy stalker lady in that post.  (Did she think she was freaking Santa Claus?!?!)

I threw in a Throwback Thursday photo memory from 1989 – Bush, Warsaw, the Solidarity movement – good times!

And I got in my usual Sunday “Around P2B” post where I highlight some of my favorite things from the other Prior2Boarding bloggers.

What’s up soon?

* the rest of my Golden Princess review

* more hotels

* boxes – POPSUGAR, Birchbox, Ipsy, and StitchFix

* random travel news and musings

I’m looking forward to catching up!


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