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Vegas is fine until you get tired of Vegas.  Or when you need Vegas to not be Vegas at all, but just another city you are in for business.  That’s why I’m a regular at The Westin Las Vegas Hotel, Casino & Spa (formerly The Westin Casuarina Las Vegas Hotel).


I arrived in a taxi, direct from Mandalay Bay Hotel & Casino after BAcon.  I was on day three in Las Vegas and it was time for me to return to the real world.  The hotel is only a block or two behind the strip, but it feels further away – no taxi lines or flashiness.  They also have a free self-parking lot that is mere steps away from the front door.  (Pro tip – the main doors of the hotel lead into the casino.  If you are arriving by car, use the first set of doors you come to – that is where the check in desk is, to the right of the casino floor.)

Check In

I checked in at the hotel’s VIP desk (for both Starwood elites and their casino elites) which is on the opposite side of the lobby from the main check in desk.  My check in was prompt and friendly.  The desk clerk welcomed me back from prior stays and walked through my elite benefits with me.

Westin Las Vegas

Westin Las Vegas

Westin Las VegasThe Room

My room was a standard Westin room.  It looked a bit rumpled when I checked in, but it was clean and very comfortable.

Furnishings were fairly standard for a Westin – basic but in good condition.

I liked the little armchair and ottoman.  I had a lot of work to get done and this ended up being a comfortable perch for that.

Westin Las Vegas

Westin Las VegasWestin Las Vegas

The bathroom was clean and well lit.  I liked having quite a bit of space in which to get ready.

Westin Las VegasWestin Las Vegas

One thing I found interesting – there was a pair of earplugs on each nightstand… I understood why later – I could hear the phone ringing loudly on one side of me.  On the other side, someone opening the door caused the wall to rattle.  Shutting it caused shaking.  I discovered the degree of noise mid-morning while I was on conference calls so neither earplugs or a call to front desk was a realistic solution to the problem.

Other Considerations

The casino is mostly slots but offers $3 beginners craps from 6 to 8 pm.  I love craps so I went to the beginners class that evening just to see what they wanted to “teach me” (as I already know how to play, although it has been a while since I have mostly stopped gaming these days).  I had a $10 match play coupon and played for about an hour, ultimately breaking even.  I would have probably lost money had I listened to their “suggestions” on how to bet but they were great salesmen (which is really what is required in Vegas).

The casino was less lively the next morning when I went down to breakfast – all the tables were covered and closed and only a couple people sat at the slot machines – likely bored hotel guests.

Platinum guests are given free breakfast via the hotel buffet.  Sadly the buffet was a hot mess.  It took several minutes to be seated… staff would look up, see me, and quickly look away to avoid eye contact.  They were out of many items (bowls, milk, eggs) as well so it was difficult to put a meal together.  I’ve had better experiences here in the past so I’ll chalk this up to a one off.

I had previously encountered suggested tipping issues elsewhere in Las Vegas but a tip line on the receipt in the gift shop as a new one.  They offer Starwood points if you spend at least $20 – which might not be hard to do as they had some fun items to browse, including a selection of Westin rubber ducks.

Westin Las Vegas

They also have a full service Starbucks although the location doesn’t take gift cards or offer Starbucks stars (for those like me who are status collectors).

Check Out

I had a 4 pm late check out and ultimately left between 2 and 3 pm (so I could go get rejected at The Centurion Lounge).  Check out was quick and painless.  My bill was accurate.

The longest part of my departure involved getting a taxi.  This property does not always have taxis waiting outside so it can sometimes take several minutes


I like this property, warts and all.  Its my comfortable go-to spot when I’m in town on business and need to be focused (ie not tempted by the delights of The Strip).

This is NOT the property you stay at when you are in Vegas for a fun trip.  But its a decent option for a reasonably priced business hotel and off-Strip status earning option.

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