Weekly Recap – October 6-12

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Hello from sunny San Diego!  Nothing like waking up to the smell of salt air… I may be a Texan, but I love the ocean.

When I sat down to write the weekly recap, I realized I had an awfully busy posting week!  I didn’t plan it that way, but sometimes that’s how it works out.  Many weeks I get into a rythym with the blog and I have some of my content already written and scheduled when other interesting topics pop up.  Sometimes I’ll defer an already written post to later if it’s not time-sensitive but other days I may have already posted when newsworthy stuff comes my way.  I have been trying to get in the habit of trying to get up an hour earlier every morning and write during that time span, but it doesn’t always happen, especially when I have a flight to catch!

Not being at home today means I am missing a lot of airline hoopla in my own backyard.  First is the fall of the Wright Amendment (the restrictions on Dallas Love Field) which suddenly opens up Southwest Airlines in a major fashion.  The second is the arrival of VX flight 6530 this morning from DFW to DAL, officially moving the airline’s airport and allowing Virgin to bevome a direct competitor against Southwest.   Fun times.  The story I most want to hear would be Jim Wright’s – but to me, he’s just that sweet old man I’ve gone to church with forever who used to make witty remarks way back when I used to ride the elevator with him when we worked in the same building.  I’ve resisted the urge to go full-on aviation geek and ever bring up the one thing I always wanted to ask about!

I kept my word from last week and got three more hotel reviews done.  Alas, it’s like a treadmill – I also had two new stays plus three more this week.  At least I can’t complain about lack of things to write about!


Last week’s three were:

* Hyatt Regency San Francisco International Airport

* Element Dallas Fort Worth Airport North

* Mandalay Bay Hotel & Casino

If you like hotel reviews, I’ve created a new permanent master page for all of them.  You can also read a bit more about how I review hotels.

My post about Sex Love and Uber was a popular one.  51% of readers thought it was up to the “host” to pay for the Uber for their overnight guest.  I found the conversation interesting and think this will continue to be an evolving etiquette issue!

I didn’t actually drive much for Uber this week as I had a lot going on – I’ll pick back up in a week or two when things are less hectic.  I was a bit sad yesterday morning though (my normal driving time)… I logged on to try to catch UberX to the airport and there were none available. It would have been a great driving morning (nice temperatures, pretty skies) and I missed it.

Uber or not, it was an interesting week in my world. I got trash thrown at me by another passenger.  61% of you thought I underreacted to that situation.  I’m playing out possible responses in my head… any funny suggestions from readers?  I’m all ears!

In random travel news and bits:

* Singapore Suites always get lots of attention, especially with video

* Cadillac will soon offer American Airlines miles for test drives

* an American Airlines pilot created amazing art for a young passenger

* US Airways had an Ebola related scare that lit up YouTube – I was amazed at how many cell phones popped up to film the drama!

* Starwood is moving their corporate management to India in 2015

* a hiker discovered an abandoned town in the Smoky Mountains

I shared a funny flashback story about the homestead. Funny, that is, if you consider mood and thousands of dollars in repairs humorous. Fortunately I’m a “roll with the punches” type so I’m still in good humor even though the house drama never ends.

And if you are only here for the food, we discussed both the wide range of fried delights at the State Fair of Texas and the five most dangerous cocktails. Gluttons rejoice!

This week I’ll continue the hotel review marching as well as share other tidbits of life on the road while I (sort of) long for home. Then this weekend it’s off for a mini-cruise as I test out my first Princess ship.

Have a fabulous week, wherever you are. Don’t forget to follow me on Twitter and Instagram to keep up with my travels as they are unfolding!



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