Weekly Recap – September 29-October 5

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Thinking through this weekly recap, it strikes me how lucky I was that I got to spend the entire week at home.  It’s always a nice luxury for me in between travel weeks to have that slice of time to catch up in my office and run a few errands around the neighborhood.

This is probably the last full week at home I’ll get until the end of the year as I found out that I’m starting a large project this quarter that will have me on the road a bit more than normal.  Yay for making my hotel requalifications that much easier!

Speaking of hotels, I’m still trying to catch up with my reviews.  I feel like I’m making progress until I look at the reservations I have for October and how fast the stays at new properties are accumulating! I got three reviews  more done last week so at that rate I may catch up by Thanksgiving!

Sheraton Sonoma County Petaluma

Hyatt Place Reno/Tahoe International Airport

The Westin Atlanta Airport

While we were discussing hotels, I also solicited your opinions on hotel noise, which will be a topic in a couple of upcoming property reviews.

In terms of my own travel, I talked about some of the things I do as a solo traveler to leave “digital breadcrumbs” to help folks back home piece together my whereabouts should I go missing.  And I walked through my personal steps of how I evaluate a bonus offer for points or miles.

Airports were also hot – I discussed new airport programs designed for families with autistic children.  And I highlighted how one of my favorite terminals of years past (and Mid-Century Modern icon) the TWA Flight Center will be open this coming weekend for tours.

I used my time at home to get back in balance before my nutty 4th Quarter travel begins.  Part of that was a Blue Print Cleanse to reset my body, which I reviewed for those who are interested.  I also finally got around to writing up my September Stitch Fix review.

There were some funny things I ran into around the interwebs as well.  One was a hilarious live Twitter feed from a Modern Family producer stuck with an asshole passenger near her.  Another was a great set of photos of real-life bad parking jobs and the passive aggressive responses to them.  And finally, I found a great parody video for a new Uber service called Piggyback.

I also covered another good Gilt flash sale that’s sadly already gone… but if you like to see good finds like that, be sure to follow me on RSS or social media so you don’t miss new posts!

And finally, be sure and check out my weekly “Around P2B” post for interesting news and tidbits from other Prior2Boarding blogs.

Coming up this week… more hotel reviews (including a couple with “issues”), another tidbit from the world of Uber, and a few interesting slices of travel-meets-lifestyle news and features.  I’ll be live from the Pacific Northwest for part of the week mixed with four nights at home and wrapping up in sunny San Diego.

I hope you have an amazing week and I’ll see you around Jetsetter’s Homestead!


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