BINGO! Another Frequent Travel Gift Located

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We just hit autumn and its already only 93 days until Christmas (and 84 to Hanukkah).  That means I’m actively on the hunt for great gifts for this year.

While some of you are huddled in sleeping bags outside your local big box store or sleeping off a turkey coma in front of a Thanksgiving Day football game, I’ll be exploring Borobudur in Indonesia.

In other words, I am incentivized to do my holiday shopping early.

So far, I keep finding gifts for ME… but you too may have a jetsetter in your life, so let my personal splurges help YOU find a unique gift for a traveler.

PRINTABLE Paris Travel Bingo - Illustrated Game Card for Creative Adventures in France - available from Etsy design shop Pen, Lens, and Paintbrush

PRINTABLE Paris Travel Bingo – Illustrated Game Card for Creative Adventures in France – available from Etsy design shop Pen, Lens, and Paintbrush

Yes… that’s exactly what it looks like – a Bingo card… but one featuring the artwork of Etsy designer Sarah-Lambert Cook.

It’s one of three designs she has available (Paris, London, Venice) and better yet, they are available for instant download in PDF for $3.50 US.

Any one of them – or a set of all three – would be lovely to mat and frame.  This would make a beautiful gift for a traveler, student returning from European study abroad, or worldly bon vivant.

The instant download part of this means that this gift will work for a LAST MINUTE shopper.  (I’m looking at YOU, sir, who forgot that your girlfriend’s birthday is tomorrow…)  Run to a copy shop and have them print this on their best cardstock – and then find a frame to suit.  Easy – and she’ll think you put a TON of effort into it.  (Shhhh… I won’t tell if you don’t!!!)

In addition to these, her Etsy design shop Pen, Lens, and Paintbrush also stocks hand-painted pendant necklaces featuring scenes of Paris and Amsterdam.  If you are burning your miles and gifting your love a European trip, this would be a wonderful announcement present to keep the anticipation close to heart.

Me?  I’ll be adding these to the stash of travel gifts I’ve already picked up for myself this year, including these gorgeous travel guides and these whimsical travel-themed plates.


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