Weekly Recap – August 11-17

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I had SO much fun as the guest featured blogger on BoardingArea.com last week.  If you are new and found me there – WELCOME!  And to all my Prior2Boarding regulars I give my usual “Happy Monday” along with our weekly recap… so glad you are here!

Last week was a crazy busy week for Jetsetter’s Homestead.  Don’t you hate it when people always tell you how crazy busy their life has been?  It’s like “oh my gosh girl… I’ve been soooo busy, like CRAZY BUSY” – it’s become a running joke with some of my friends.  I mean seriously, whose life isn’t these days?!  But if you are one of the small handful who think that I’m too busy, I’ve shared some of my tips for time management for the insane.  If things get too crazy though, I will be hopping a plane and then escaping to one of my five favorite places best accessed by ferry or fast boat.

Before I forget, don’t YOU forget that we still have a contest running through midnight tonight.  Leave a comment on this post about the great app Rise and be entered into a drawing to win a free month of the service!  You can find that and other free stuff on this page all the time if you read carefully!

I had two runaway posts this past week that brought a lot of new readers to the page along with some interesting comment discussion:

… first, the one where I went to a manufactured spending meet up.  I continue to be amazed at how large this thing really is.

… second, the one where I recapped 24 hours as an UberX driver.  What fun that was – and the second night I live tweeted at #virtualride which is a hashtag I’ll keep alive for future UberX outings!

We debuted a guest blogger on Jetsetter’s Homestead this week.  Heather will be here every other week talking about travel nutrition.  Good stuff we can all use!

I got to be a bartender on Tuesday night to raise money for the Texas Tech Alumni Association’s scholarship fun.  Great fun and if you missed it, you can also catch us hosting weekly football game watch parties at Chimy’s in Fort Worth, all to raise money to send deserving high school seniors off to college!

We talked hotels – an update on the Hyatt Regency Orlando International Airport and a new review of the Sheraton Syracuse University Hotel & Conference Center.

I got another box from Stitch Fix.  If nothing else, enjoy the awkward bathroom mirror selfie photos of me in ill-fitting clothing.  I have no shame.  I like this versatile travel necklace better – and the photos aren’t quite as scary!

No shame also applies to me making deviled eggs in the airport, ranting about etiquette when it comes to the space around us, and admitting my secret giddiness at The Love Boat cast reuniting FOR a boat (its just so meta)!

In other news, there’s a volcano percolating in Europe and Starbucks is getting ready to brew my favorite fall beverage!  Only one more week to go before the unofficial start of fall.

Have a fantastic week… we’ll have some crazy busy fun together again!



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  1. I didn’t know you were a featured blogger! I just thought you were new to boardingarea. I still don’t understand the concept for prior2boarding. Is it another travel blogger portal similar to upgrd.com, first2board.com, and boardingarea.com? Or is it a subsidiary of boardingarea.com for new bloggers?
    Either way, welcome and I enjoyed reading your posts.

    • We (Prior2Boarding) are a sister site to BoardingArea. I actually have a boardingarea.com hosted domain and we have some cross-linkage between the two, but are a separate aggregating portal just like BoardingArea. I’m glad you enjoyed it and hope you bookmarked it to come back!

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