Airport Deviled Eggs and Other Social Shares

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Sometimes Jetsetter's Homestead gets really creative, especially when we aren't in an international first class cabin (which is most of the time!)
Sometimes Jetsetter’s Homestead gets really creative, especially when we aren’t in an international first class cabin (which is most of the time!)

Those are deviled eggs.

I made them in the Charlottesville Airport one day when I couldn’t find a protein-filled lunch that met my dietary restrictions (no wheat, no corn, no cow milk, no yogurt, no coffee, no nitrates, no fun).

Why I am I showing you my deviled eggs?

Well, I think they display just how ingenious some of us frequent folk can be when it comes to solutions (this was two hard-boiled eggs from the tiny convenience store/newsstand with packet of pickle relish and a half packet each of mustard and mayo with a sprinkle of salt and pepper, all courtesy of the hot dog condiments and mixed together with the yolks of the eggs – in this photo, I was about to spoon them back in).

They are also an example of the random bonus content you might find if you follow Jetsetter’s Homestead on social media.

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