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Are Communism and Safety Fears Keeping Americans Away From Cuba?

Old car in Cuba

A year after the US eased travel restrictions to Cuba, Americans are actually less willing to visit the island. In 2017, only 40% of Americans are interested in taking a trip to Cuba. That’s down 2% from last year. As a result, major airlines are already pulling out of the market or reducing the number of flights to the island.  And many…

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Flaming Tumbleweeds and Flying Trampolines: Texas Severe Weather


If you are traveling to Texas or the South (yes, they are different but that’s for another post) during tornado season in the early Spring, you’ll want to be mindful of tornadoes and other severe weather. During this time of year, the bluebonnets are beautiful but the twisters…not so much.   And, yes, flaming tumbleweed…

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