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When Operations Go Haywire, Should Airlines Ask Passengers to Volunteer to Help?

Delta apology delta lounge middle seat passengers

If you or someone you remotely care about was scheduled to fly on Delta over the past few days, you have my condolences. I dodged that bullet – barely. I was scheduled to fly into Atlanta on Tuesday afternoon, just as the first wave of operational trouble had kicked up.  Then I was headed to northwest…

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The A380 Isn’t Big Enough…Yet


As if the A380 seating layout wasn’t enough for some carriers, Airbus announced they were reconfiguring the plane’s layout to accommodate up to 80 additional seats. The modifications are in response to sales of the superjumbo aircraft which have been far slower than expected. “We are adapting the aircraft to meet evolving market needs,” said…

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When Will You Trade Seats?

trade seats

We’ve all been there. You booked your flight weeks in advance, secured your favorite premium seat, and waited for the day of departure.  On the day of the flight, you lingered a bit in the airline lounge sending that one final email, finally strolling on to the plane to take your coveted throne only to find…

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What Electronics Ban?

Emirates is well known for providing outstanding customer service. Now they are showing the lengths they are willing to go to mitigate the negative effects of the TSA’s electronics ban. Starting today, travelers in First and Business class can utilize a carrier-provided tablet during their flight. Passengers can download documents onto a memory stick to work on…

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