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Will This Get Through Airport Security?

I’ve seen a new tool popping up recently in my social media feed – a Leatherman-style hair barrette for women that boasts several tool functions for $10. And I’m also wondering will this get through airport security these days?  And if not, have we now created a new subclass of items – women’s accessories – for…

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New Features at ExpertFlyer

Last week saw the rollout of new features at ExpertFlyer, one of my favorite road warrior tools. ExpertFlyer is a subscription service that gives travelers access to many pieces of the travel booking puzzle that are normally available to reservations agents only – information like the current status of fare buckets on particular flights, full…

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App Review – Next Issue

Pleasure reading on the road has always been one of my guilty pleasures.  Before electronic devices were allowed during taxi, takeoff, and landing, I often hauled my personal stash of magazines with me for those periods of time when everything was powered down.  Books were often to heavy for the short duration but magazines helped…

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What to Do When Your Seat Assignment Sucks

I hate early morning flights – and they are even worse when your seat assignment sucks.  That seems to be happening to many these days with fully booked flights – someone has to sit in the dreaded middle seats or back rows of the plane. Last week I was nursing my Starbucks in the Admirals…

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