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Fried Food and Football – Big Tex’s Specialties

Fans headed to the college football classic Red River Shootout (better known in theses parts as Texas/OU Weekend) take note.  Texas and Oklahoma both have higher rates of heart disease compared to national statistics. Some might equate this to the coronary-inducing performances of both teams at times.  Or it might be the unequivocal love of…

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Video: Southwest Reveals Its New Paint Scheme

In this video captured by Fort Worth Star-Telegram reporter Andrea Ahles, Southwest reveals its new paint scheme to the hometown crowd at a maintenance hangar event today in Dallas. While the livery design began to make sneak appearances online the past few days – and to many brings to mind Burger King and Hot Dog…

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DFW Airport Public Transit a Reality at Last

DFW Airport public transit finally became a reality this morning as the DART (Dallas Area Rapid Transit) Orange Line began running to and from DFW’s a Terminal A in the pre-dawn hours. The DFW station is the 62nd in the transit line’s 90 mile network which now covers many major destinations throughout the Dallas half…

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