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Hotel Reviews – Sheraton New York Times Square

I don’t make it to Manhattan nearly as often as I used to.  My work doesn’t generally take me there (into one of the airports, perhaps, but not into the city itself) and I’ve hit the age where many of my friends who lived there have now migrated to another borough.  When I do venture…

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Least Welcoming Cities in the World

Last week, the SFGate blog posted results from a survey by on the most and least welcoming cities for travelers. The results surprised me. They REALLY surprised me.  New York City as MOST welcoming? Paris as LEAST welcoming?  I’d have flipped those based on my most recent visits to both. The five friendliest cities: 1.…

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Free City Tours

Recently I completed a cruise vacation in the Black Sea region that included a number of ports with limited online travel information.  Not wanting to rely on a limited selection of cruise line shore excursions to see a smaller port, I road tested something new popping up in some destinations – free city tours given by…

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