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An Exotic Thanksgiving

I’ve spent many a Thanksgiving away from home – some of them in interesting locales creating a truly exotic Thanksgiving indeed. Its the byproduct of having a career where getting away for long stretches of time isn’t always feasible.  Combining paid time off with scheduled holidays is a great way to stretch the time off budget…

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Christmas is Wherever You Are

I’ve always believed in celebrating my holidays no matter where I am.  My family has long understood that not everyone may be present for a holiday and that’s been okay (probably the military roots… or maybe the far-flung family tree).  The show goes on… and Christmas is wherever you are. I’ve opened presents in mid-January…

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Airports and Autism – Rehearsing for Flight

Navigating an airport for the first time can be a nerve wracking experience for any first-time flyer.  But mix airports and autism together and you can have a highly stressful situation for that traveling family. Sensory overstimulation is often a fear for parents of autistic children.  How their child might deal with situations outside their…

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My Favorite Pilot Turns 99

They say that many traits are hereditary.  I like to think I get my love of flying straight from my grandfather (Poppa).   I also get my stubbornness, my mathematical ability, and my love of sweets from him.  He taught me to ride a bike, catch a ball, play tennis, and roller skate (with a…

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