The Round Up: Paris, Don Draper, and Gaymojis PLUS a One-Day Only Special Deal

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Welcome to the Round Up, our collection of random articles and other blurbs we’ve stumbled across in our internet wanderings.

  • I’ve always been intrigued by the mysterious Club 33 at Disneyland.  Travel Codex published a review of this exclusive experience.  After reading this, I think my curiosity is satisfied for now… although I’m a bit hungry!
  • Are little things allowed to go wrong when you are in a $2,000 hotel room?  Or how trivial can one get?
  • I am still mourning the end of Mad Men, but I have a reason to smile as Don Draper lives on another day.
  • Here’s a new portable speaker that may have a MUCH more limited audience.  My only question… does it come in a noise cancelling version?  Oh, and one more… if you use it on the plane, do you end up getting passenger shamed?
  • Speaking of headphones, these come in a flaming hot version.  Yikes!
  • We are in the middle of considering possible remodeling options here at the homestead.  The ease (and potential low cost) of this upcycled mansion has a great deal of appeal although I’m not certain the neighborhood zoning NIMBYs would agree.
  • Grindr has announced the launch of gaymojis, introducing 500 new images for communication that I will not understand.
  • And finally, because I can never get enough Paris (and will never suffer from Paris Syndrome), here is a really quick “Paris in Three Days” spring break slide show from PopSugar to give you a quick fix until your next visit.  You’re welcome.

Finally, we have a quick Thursday special for Jetsetter’s Homestead readers.  We have become HUGE fans of NatureBox since those addictive Apple Cinnamon Yogurt Bars appeared in the Delta snack selection last fall.  We now receive their snacks at home every two weeks.

Want to try them out too?  TODAY ONLY they are having a flash sale and offering three FREE snacks on all orders over $20.  To try them out, use this link and enter the code LUCKY3 at checkout.  (I am addicted to the Crispy Coconut Squares!)

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