The Round Up: Cuba, OCD, and Uber… Oh My!

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The Round Up is where we share the random and sundry things we stumble upon while browsing the interwebs.

  • We are preparing for a trip to Cuba in May so I’ve been devouring everyone else’s advice.  The trip report on Havana from Travel Update was extremely helpful.
  • While we are prepping for the trip, connectivity is on our minds.  No Mas Coach breaks down WiFi in Cuba.
  • We are still getting the hang of how to work and travel with Millennials.  But Magic of Miles shares that hotels are already prepping for Generation Z.  I feel like I’ll be more enthusiastic about some of these trends.  And yes, this piece makes me feel old.
  • I’ve been following this saga from Le Chic Geek on Twitter and have had the same problem with Uber myself.  This is a major pet peeve of mine with Uber drivers.  It also happens to me at least once a month, usually at the airport.  I know I’m not the only one.
  • I’m often accused of being OCD and I don’t deny that.  I took this quiz to see how sensitive I am.  It turns out I’m 100%.  Jim laughed… until he took the quiz.  And then I laughed too.  My constantly rearranging things is perhaps not so kooky after all.  (I’ll admit that insisting that the television volume cannot be set on a prime number is a bit weird!)
  • Um, Nordstrom?  I need you to explain this one to me.  I thought a rock in a bag at Christmas was a bit ridiculous, but this is a new level of crazy.  Who buys these and why?
  • After that last one, I think we need to call in Travel Fashion Girl to the rescue.  Her advice skews a bit younger than my demographic (again, feeling old!), but lots of great content.

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  1. I enjoyed the links and wonder as you do who would buy show-the-knee jeans, and who would WEAR them. I am also a 100%er.

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