Lyft’s Latest, Uber Honesty, and Chicken Wings

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Oh what a week it has been!  I have enjoyed my featured slot on BoardingArea.  I write in real-time and my plan for the week originally was to spend some time recapping normal travel things (more dispatches from my extended Indonesian trip, solo cruising, a side-by-side comparison of Delta/American in 2015, and perhaps even a little bit about why I’m over The Wing).  Instead, I found myself tapping out dispatches on what was really going on in my world… a lot about the Lyft controversy, some honest Uber driver-to-driver feedback, and my go-to recipe for chicken wings.

It was a crazy week.  I traveled through five states last week and accepted an offer for a new job.  That’s huge for me.  The last time I started a new job was in 1995.  While I’ve had new positions and the positioning of who I work for has changed in those two decades, I haven’t had a “first day at work” in 20 years.   Now in a week, that’s going to change!

We covered a lot of ground this past week.  I kicked it off with a review of how I’m doing on my quest for travel status in 2015.  I also caught up on some of my travel reviewing with a report on Komodo Island,

The Lyft debacle has taken a lot of our time.  It started with me questioning on Tuesday whether Lyft overreached with their driver recruitment promotion.  Then more on Wednesday.  And Thursday.  And Friday.  And it continued yesterday.  Sadly, it’s still continuing.  I redid my mentor ride 30 hours ago and still nothing from Lyft.  The driver who did her mentor ride right after me (with the same mentor) yesterday got approved this afternoon (and yet applied after me and did her original mentor ride after me). which further casts shade on the entire process.  I’m not the only one in limbo.  Drivers in other cities are also reporting that Lyft invalidated their first round of mentor rides as well.

In lighter travel news, I shared tips on visiting NYC via Sex and the City and favorite cocktail bars.  Also, the Bay Bridge lights came down this week.  Sometimes I also vent a bit about travel issues.  This week it was hotel housekeeping and other Uber drivers.

Around the homestead, I made sriracha honey chicken wings,  And otherwise, I was not around at all… I traveled and worked and went to a fantastic black tie birthday party over the weekend.

I had two guest bloggers who helped me out this past week.  My friend Andy over at Andy’s Travel Blog shared his tips for taking great photos.  And my nutritionist Heather came back with a series on sleep (something every traveler needs to master) – how sleep affects your weight, how natural supplements can help you sleep, four tips for better sleep, and whether salt helps you sleep.

I shared some of my favorite posts from the past for Throwback Thursday and also my usual Saturday roundup of Prior2Boarding content.

Don’t forget to enter my giveaway for a pair of Cathay Pacific first class pajamas with a matching amenity kit.

So this week I may finally get around to catching up on hotel reviews.  (As if… who am I kidding?!)  But I do want to continue to write about some of the things I intended to tackle this last week… if nothing else comes up!  I’ll be back to Prior2Boarding so please follow me back over there – or subscribe to my daily email or my RSS feed or follow me on Twitter/Facebook – or better, do all of that!

Thanks for being great readers… and have a wonderful week!


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