Hotel, Motel, Snow, and Marijuana – All on Prior2Boarding This Week

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I’m really enjoying my time this week on BoardingArea as a guest featured blogger.  If you found me here this week, you can continue to follow me after this week (please!) via my RSS feed or email subscription.  And I never mind if you like an article and want to share a link on Facebook or Twitter (hint hint!)

And of course, you can find me over on BoardingArea’s sister site, Prior2Boarding.  It’s Saturday, so think of it in terms of Saturday Night Live terms… they are the repertory players (the Mike Myers, Adam Sandler, Tina Fey types) and we are the featured players (the Brooks Wheelen, Kyle Mooney, wait who are they?! members of the family).  We all are hustling waiting for our time to eventually join the BoardingArea family so we each are over here trying to build up our daily site traffic to get our shot to move up to the big time.

As part of that, I like to share the traffic and showcase some of what my fellow Prior2Boarding family are posting.  Our sites are all a bit different from one another so while we all travel and love the frequent flyer game, each of us has a very different angle.  Sometimes we even get the chance to guest blog for each other, like when Andy’s Travel Blog wrote this great piece on improving your travel photos for my site – or when Muslim Travel Girl shared her tips on mosque etiquette for me when I was headed off on my Indonesian adventure.

Here are my favorites from the last week….

* I loved Out and Out’s Stay Scrappy piece.  It was a great reflection on the motivations behind travel.  (And like Harlan, I love having a word as a focus… mine this year is change and I’ll be announcing some big ones very soon!) 

* Points With A Crew asked whether it’s ever appropriate to stay at a Rodeway Inn (True confessions… I have.  Not something I’d actively seek out again!)

* The Forward Cabin shared an exciting mail call for Hyatt Diamonds(I’m glad he did… I almost tossed the envelope thinking it was another credit card offer!)

* I always enjoy learning from Muslim Travel Girl.  Our friendship has expanded my view of the world with posts like this one explaining Umrah.

* The latest DFW snowstorm (the third in ten days) happened again while I was out of town but thankfully Andy’s Travel Blog was there to capture this breathtaking Picture of the Week.

* Travel Blawg has cautions for those who decide to legally smoke pot while traveling… it might not be so legal when you return home!

Tune in every Saturday (most of the time) to see what else I’ve found around Prior2Boarding in the previous week.

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