Babies, An Eagle Scout, a Missing Plane, and Other News Around Prior2Boarding

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Each week, I like to sum up my favorite posts around Prior2Boarding, one of the portal networks for Boarding Area.  We have a great family of writers who each put their own unique spin on travel, miles, and points.

It’s been a quieter-than-normal week around Prior2Boarding as many (me included) have taken a bit of downtime to enjoy the holidays with family and friends or travel over a longer break.  I’ve personally been slowed down by a cut DSL line at my house (the byproduct of a temporarily  suspended AT&T UVerse installation that required line work up on the pole) so I’m getting by with my iPad/data package and free WiFi at Starbucks until it’s hopefully restored tomorrow night.

So while I wait for technical support (and continue to try to make a dent in my tardy Indonesia reports and 2014 hotel reviews), here are a few other things worth checking out!

Many bloggers at both Prior2Boarding and Boarding Area have offered their thoughts on the missing Air Asia plane.  I don’t really have anything to add except that this one hits me close to home for a couple of reasons.  1) I was *just* in Surabaya (and Singapore) a month ago, so proximity feels close to me. 2) This was a 2+ hour, 800-ish mile flight on a mid-size plane.  That’s the type of flight that is most typical for my travel patterns and living in a flyover state, I fly through/around a lot of storms.  My thoughts and prayers are with the souls on board and their families and friends.

Andy at Andy’s Travel Blog shared more cool photos this week.  I. Can’t. Even.  Seriously… I want to recruit him to go on all my trips with me and take photos from now on.  This set was of Dallas at night via helicopter.

For those who did their holiday shopping online, Dan at Points With A Crew offers up some advice to help you make sure your bonus miles/points actually post.

Mark at TravelBlawg got an extra special holiday gift – twin baby girls!  Congratulations Palmer family… your little ladies are precious!!!

Julien at Flymiler shared a “must bookmark” post for those of us who love skiing and beautiful resorts – a list of the top ski properties that can be booked with points.  I fear that my broken (and not healing well) toe might prevent me from skiing this year, but I can drink hot chocolate by a fireplace with the best of them!

And finally Jamie at The Forward Cabin shared this news about an Eagle Scout candidate in Dallas/Fort Worth who is raising money for a project to support local aviation geeks by installing permanent aircraft identification signage at Founder’s Plaza at DFW.  This is a spot that is near and dear to me as when I lived a couple minutes away,  I used to spend many hours out there with my lawn chair and binoculars watching planes take off and land.  It was the spot where I often went to de-stress after a long day at work and I loved watching kids discover the joy of aviation as much as I enjoyed watching the planes.  I’d love to see Prior2Boarding readers help Asher make his goal.  (And maybe we can even invite him to come meet a few of us at FTU in April?!)

That’s it for today’s recap.  Be sure and bookmark P2B and your favorite blogs (or better yet, subscribe via RSS feed) so you never miss a thing.  I’ll see you guys around Prior2Boarding and Jetsetter’s Homestead as we kick off the new year!

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