10 Random Topics Covered Around Prior2Boarding This Week

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It’s been another busy week around Prior2Boarding.  And as usual, the range of posts covered the gamut of topics.  While some of the content you may have seen elsewhere, there are always some unique gems that stand out.  Here are ten that caught my eye this week….


The Winglet reports the formation of Virgin Cruises.  I’ll be waiting this one out to see what the line looks like – I prefer smaller luxury lines to mass market, but this has the potential to be an interesting line.

TravelBlawg shared a great guide to creating a winter car kit.  I live in Texas so this is normally something I don’t think about, but after last year’s crazy weather where I had friends get stuck for hours on the freeway this might not be such a bad idea even down south!

The Travel Sisters shared information on how to bring your falcon on a flight with you.  After I stopped laughing at the premise, I realized that this is totally a thing… and a luxury thing at that.  A far cry from the onboard chickens my mom remembers from flying on Royal Air Lao in the 1960s!!!

The Points of Life had a great post on the value of points and miles.  I concur with his analysis 100% – figure out what you want and go do it!

Efficient Asian Man expanded on that topic with a great post about the opinions of bloggers and their motivations.  Interesting thoughts to keep in mind as you read blogs.

Point Princess had a great idea for getting your passport stamped in chronological order, if that’s your thing.  My passport is such a mess that I am past that point, but if you try it and it works, I’d love to hear about it!

Hungry For Points shared the 10 most Instagrammed locations of 2014.  I’ll admit I’m sucker for the app myself (follow me here) but the only ones I think I’ve Instagrammed from are Siam Paragon, Times Square, and Disneyland.  It sounds like I’ve got some catching up to do!

Andy’s Travel Blog reminded us why you should never post your boarding passes to social media.  I’ve heard a few of these sad tales in my day… some people are awful!

The Forward Cabin dug into why Amtrak WiFi service is unreliable, something I noticed the last time I took Acela.

Miles to Memories shared plans for the new terminal at Singapore’s Changi Airport.  This airport is already like the Mall of America.  I can’t believe this next phase!!!

Don’t forget to bookmark Prior2Boarding to catch the latest from all of the bloggers on the team, including yours truly.  Several of the bloggers on the site are covering unique niches beyond what you may see if you are only reading a couple of major travel blogs and it’s worth a scan of the headlines every day to make sure you don’t miss something good!


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