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I love keeping up with all of my comrades in the frequent travel world.  While many of them are at Frequent Traveler University this weekend in Arlington VA, I’m wrapping up my time in Asia (less than 48 hours left here on my favorite continent – I should be landing in Hing Kong about the time this posts!)

Luckily, I’ve been able to keep up with their writing via (P2B), my one stop to see all the headlines each day – including suddenly a handful of negative hotel reviews (is it a coincidence or related to this)?!

Here’s what I stumbled on this week around P2B.


Muslim Travel Girl (Elena) has been the featured blogger on Boarding Area this week.  Not only did she take the time to write this guest post on mosque etiquette for me, but she also has had some great articles on Islamic travel, including this one on the differences between Muslim and non-Muslim travel.

Caroline over at Point Princess blogged about traveling solo on her birthday, something I’ve done a few times.  I think giving yourself the gift of travel is one of the best birthday gifts ever!

As a cruiser, I found this post on Caribbean airport taxes (and other fees) from Dan at Points With A Crew pretty fascinating.

I loved how Shawn at Miles To Memories combined credit card strategy with a bit of extreme couponing to save on this year’s Thanksgiving dinner.  He also has provided a list of the ten best paying jobs that require travel.  I need to dig a bit deeper into that one!

Alex at ThePointsOfLife lives in Mongolia.  And likes pho.  And it sounds like finally those two things are compatible.

Over at The Winglet, Adam shared a funny story about a guy who was forced to apologize to an entire planeload of passengers.

I’m sure next week will bring more interesting stories including some of what I missed at Frequent Traveler University.  While I’m catching up on my Asian vacation content, I’ll be reading what’s around P2B too!

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  1. That pho post went viral in Mongolia. A lot of compliments and a lot of accusations that I was paid to write it on behalf of the restaurant owner.

    They take their pho here seriously lol.

    • Surely they should know that you also take it seriously… perhaps they need a Ministry of Pho to straighten it all out!

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