Six Travel Posts You Should Have Read This Week

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Most Sunday mornings I like to enjoy a little quality time on the sofa.  I throw a few CDs into the theatre system changer (old 70s and 80s stuff that was made for album-style listening) and settle in for a morning of reading.

Browsing around Prior2Boarding is now a regular part of that mix because I love keeping up with what the other writers in our network have been up to that past week.  It’s never dull – someone has always just finished an adventure to someplace exotic, stayed in a new hotel, or discovered a new trick to earn bonus miles or points.  There are always interesting travel posts I somehow missed during the week or helpful tips I can work into my next journey.

Points With a Crew kicked it off for me with a wonderful post on the “Traveler’s Triangle“.  I never really thought about the relationship between price, location, and time when I’m planning my travels, but it’s definitely a factor for both my business and leisure plans.

Related to that, Miles and Memories shared some of his thoughts on how much luxury is enough.  I run into this frequently when planning trips, especially my upcoming vacation.  I want to have the most luxurious stay possible, but also have to balance value and the need to requalify for certain programs.

I have always wanted to go to Oktoberfest.  And somehow it has never happened.  Blame timing – early fall is usually one of my busiest times at work so its one of the blackout zones where I can rarely get away for more than a quick weekend trip.  Points Planes and Passports has me determined to fix that next year with a multi-part trip report covering the event.  This list of great things to do in Munich is being bookmarked for my planning.

Speaking of interesting travels, an expecting mother in South Texas had a unique journey across the border recently.  Travel Blawg shares what made this trip different from most.

Muslim Travel Girl shared her tips on how to never forget anything in a hotel room again.  Yes Elena, I too have left something in a hotel room, although my real problem is somehow leaving things at home that were supposed to come with me!

While most of what I found interesting this week was purely travel related, there was one miles/points post that stood out to me.  Travel With Grant shared an excellent overview of the #WestCoastDo, a gathering that he reports was 90% manufactured spending oriented.  Some of you may recall that I took a peek behind the curtain into the interesting world of manufactured spending meetups over the summer.  As an outsider looking in, I’m no less fascinated now.

Don’t forget to bookmark so that you don’t miss any of the other travel posts, interesting perceptions on points and miles, and other crazy action!

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    • It was in Phoenix. I am not always in the “fast” loop for these events (which tend to sell out quickly) but my sources tell me that the best places to find out about them quickly are FlyerTalk (check the Community or External Resources sections) or Saverocity. I also find that certain bloggers tend to cover these regularly – – is one I’d follow in particular!

  1. Good morning Jennifer, thank you for linking to my post. I had a great time in Phoenix last weekend, hopefully you can attend one of these travel conferences someday. My grandparents visited Oktoberfest this year, and they had a great time, so I am also interested in attending one of these years.

    • Maybe we need to plan a P2B group outing for next year. 🙂 And yes, one of these days I will make it to a travel conference, if nothing else than to hang out and enjoy the social time!!!

      • I know you were in San Diego recently, but do you have any upcoming trips to SoCal, specifically the Orange County area? Have a great weekend!

      • Next SoCal is this Thursday pm in the AA FSL at LAX. Next known OC is 2/6-8 at the Hyatt Regency Orange County with about 200 of my sorority sisters! 😀

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