Five Interesting Posts Around P2B – 11/2/14

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I love being part of a larger internet family via Boarding Area and Prior2Boarding.  The diversity in content that each of our writers brings means that we can each focus on own content interests and yet our readers can still access a range of information on a variety of travel-related topics.  I like to spotlight a few of my favorite posts each week around P2B that have caught my eye… you might find them interesting too!


1)  Miles To Memories mused about how hotels recognize elite status guests at check-in.  I found this one particularly interesting since the property in question is one where I regularly stay (and I’ve on occasion had similar experiences).

2)  Travel Summary had a short review of Singapore Suites from Tokyo to Singapore.  I have seen several Singapore Suites reviews of late but what drew me in here was the kyo-kaiseki menu, which I always find interesting on flights to or from Tokyo.  The review is one of many posts summarizing an interesting trip!

Fly2Travel highlights a new Harry Potter-themed hotel in London.  True confession time – I have never read any of the books and have only caught snippets of the movies.  Maybe this is where I go to get started down that path?

4)  Andy’s Travel Blog has a limited number of photos for sale.  If you haven’t ogled Andy’s impressive photography skills yet, go take a look.  I particularly like the Flatiron shot!

5)  The Forward Cabin has been the featured P2B blog on Boarding Area this week.  In one of his many posts, he points out a benefit that US Airways Elites may lose as the programs merge.  (It looks similar to the AAdvantage Elite Rewards program that also has not reappeared on the AA side of things.)

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  1. On elite status recognition, one thing I like about Marriott is that they have different color key cards for elites. When they give me the elite key card, I know that they have noticed my Platinum status, even if they don’t mention it.

    I’m a new Hyatt Diamond, and at the one hotel where I’m a repeat guest, they usually never mention my status at all. I don’t especially care about being thanked, and I’m not looking for an upgrade, but I do want to know that I’m at least getting the best available room of the type I booked (as opposed to the ground floor handicapped room they tried to stick me in last week).

    • If the Hyatt is not recognizing your status, how are you selecting your amenity (points or other special welcome)? I almost always take the points so I’d be concerned about missing out!

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