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Happy Sunday!  I’m just now resurfacing after a busy day “driving the surge” here with UberX.  There is only one more home football game for TCU that I’ll be able to drive for so I have to take advantage of the cash opportunity!  (Are you interested in driving for UberX?  Let me know – the new driver bonus just increased so you can make $200 after your first 2o rides if I refer you!)

In between rides, I was able to catch up on some of what my fellow Prior2Boarding writers posted this past week.  I’m always fascinated by what others write about.  While there was a lot of coverage of the Cadillac test drive promotion (which is now dead), shutdowns on old Amex Blue Cash cards, Uber’s quick coming (and going) in Las Vegas, and Chase Ink bonuses, there are also a few unique things that caught my eye around P2B.



Muslim Travel Girl sounded off with five of her favorite travel apps.  Only one is on my regular list but that’s because I’m a creature of habit.  I’m going to try to use all five of these this week, just because I can.  (Although working out exchange rates in Ohio ought to be an interesting exercise!)

Next up, I loved this story on how BA is using a playlist to improve the taste of their foodFly2Travel posted that one.  I last flew BA in First back in June and there was no playlist then, but the hamburger I always seem to order (no matter what is on the menu) tastes pretty good without one.  (Yes, I’m a creature of habit and for whatever reason, that’s always what I want when I’m onboard – and yes, I know how pedestrian that is!)

Hungry For Points weighed in with some interesting analysis of Conde Nast’s 2014 Top 100 Hotels list.  I tend to agree with his analysis – what do you think?  While you are on his site, check out his review of a blinged-out suite at a 7 Star hotel (the Burj al Arab in Dubai).  All I can say is WOW!

I like reading reviews of travel experiences I have also had – its interesting to see what take others might have of something similar.  Miles to Memories was on Norwegian Getaway recently and had a review of their extensive food.  Since the food was my favorite part of that ship when I sailed it back in March, I was curious what he thought!  (I added my thoughts to the comments after his post.)

Finally, a very educational piece for me on how to get comps in Las Vegas (particularly hotel comps) from Travel Summary.  I don’t go to Vegas as often as I did when I was younger, but the offers were always a mystery for me until I read this comprehensive report!


These are just a few of the many great things posted on Prior2Boarding this past week.  I encourage you to bookmark the site so you can regularly see the latest in up-and-coming travel/points blogging in action – and I’ll see you around P2B.

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