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Another day, another airport hotel.   Sometimes it feels like Groundhogs Day around here.  But then something happens that snaps me out of my airport hotel funk… that thing most recently was the Westin Atlanta Airport.


After a shuttle wait at the airport’s ground transportation stop that was anything but chivalrous, I boarded the Westin’s shuttle bus.  The hotel is a few minutes away from the airport and the shuttle runs every 15 to 20 minutes (depending on the time of day) so guests should plan accordingly.

Check In

Check in was quick and efficient.  The agent was quick to recognize my Starwood Preferred Guest Platinum status and offer me my usual points amenity.  In addition to the standard Platinum amenity, I was also offered a cookie and given a personalized bottle of water.

My own designated bottle of water.

My own designated bottle of water.

The Room

I was assigned to room 1006, a basic room on the top floor of this atrium-style property.  Atrium properties always worry me because they can often be noisy with slamming doors and corridors that echo loud voices.  I was somewhat worried that this was an airport hotel (meaning lots of late arrivals and early departures) but the property was quieter than I expected.

My room was basically furnished but clean.  The bedding looked clean although the bed looked like someone might have laid on top of it before I arrived!  It was very comfortable though – I got a great night of sleep.  The drapes didn’t close all the way however – and one of the blinds appeared to be missing – so I had to use the binder clip trick to get the room dark enough to sleep!

My view as I walked in.

My view as I walked in.

The bed was clean but it looked like someone had napped on top of it!

The bed was clean but it looked like someone had napped on top of it!

Room furnishings.

Room furnishings.

I had a view of the freeway from my room – and the airport in the further distance.

The view from room 1006.

The view from room 1006.

The bathroom was clean but again basically furnished.

Bathroom (shower/tub, toilet).

Bathroom (shower/tub, toilet).

I noticed that I didn’t have a full compliment of toiletries (conditioner, but not shampoo).

Bathroom (vanity area).

Bathroom (vanity area).

Lately I’ve also been wondering what ever became of the Heavenly Towel – I haven’t seen one in a while and it was not present at this property either.


The hotel has a full service restaurant – Palio,  as well as a lobby bar with food service – Martini’s.  There is as also a Starbucks grab-and-go location in the lobby that features Krispy Kreme Doughnuts.

I checked out the menu at Palio but didn’t feel quite up to sitting in the hotel restaurant so I decided to grab a drink at Martini’s and see if I could order food there.  It turns out that they offer their own range of appetizers and entrees as well as the option to order from the Palio menu.  They also serve a wide menu of 25 craft cocktails along with a nice selection of wine and beer.

Service in the bar was very friendly.  I couldn’t decide one of the many tempting cocktails so I ordered a cider instead.  My dinner (a bunless but otherwise fully loaded mushroom swiss burger with avocado & bacon, plus a generous side of onion rings) was delicious.  I lingered over another cider for a while working on the free WiFi but ultimately headed back to my room when they ran out of cider.  Boo!

The next morning I grabbed coffee from Starbucks – service was quick despite a group of conference attendees lined up in front of me.

Other Considerations

The hotel offers an airport check-in service, including baggage check, for select airlines and at certain times of day.  Details are available in the room or at the front desk.  At the time of my stay, services were offered for American Airlines, Delta Air Lines, and Air Tran and available from 8 am to 2 pm each day.

Check Out

My check out was delayed slightly due to a couple of complicated issues with guests at the desk ahead of me tying up more than one agent.  I was hoping that one agent might step aside from the issue at hand so I could get my folio as I could see the hotel shuttle had pulled up outside.  I always get anxious about missing hotel shuttles but luckily they have a few minutes scheduled to be stopped at the hotel so I made it out in plenty of time with a correctly printed folio.


This stay was surprisingly pleasant for the expectation level I came in with (which was relatively low based on mixed online reviews I read).  While this wasn’t the snappiest Westin I’ve encountered, it is a step above many airport hotels I’ve stayed in.  This property will definitely be on my “stay again” list for future project work in Atlanta.

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