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As part of the Prior2Boarding (P2B) group of blogs, I have the privilege of working with a wonderful group of travel and miles bloggers who publish a wide range of content each week. I love highlight to some of my favorite writing that I’ve found around P2B.



First off, whatever you do, don’t miss this great Sunday Picture Post with video from Andy’s Travel Blog where he walks through photo editing with one photo, taking it from “just your average photo” to WOW!  I watched him demo this technique in Las Vegas last weekend with his iPhone as we were all snapping photos from the High Roller during our Gogo Inflight event… and I was absolutely amazed to see how he gets the vivid photos he does, even with an iPhone camera.

I’ve always wanted to visit Munich for Oktoberfest so I’ll be bookmarking these ten tips for Oktoberfest planning from Points, Planes and Passports for when I can finally make it there.  (I’m putting #1 on my calendar now for next year…who’s with me?)

Will Run for Miles points out an interesting hotel trend with in-room coffee.  It’s worth a read as I’ve run into this at two other resorts in the last year myself, so its not just a Vegas thing.  I think this is hotel hyper-inflation at its worst, but it might be a trend.

There is a great piece on cash strategies for international travel from Hungry for Points.  This is a MUST read as I’ve run into a couple of these scenarios myself.  The advice is sound for anyone headed overseas!  I could have used some of these before my last international jaunt so I didn’t end up coming home with unexchangable currency.

I *loved* this piece from Travel Summary on manufactured spending with the actual “cost” of a luxury hotel room using the best techniques out there right now.  This somewhat debunks the myth that manufactured spending can make travel “free”.  Me, I’ll keep sticking with the points I earn through my business/leisure paid stays and the various bonuses I sign up for.  But it also helps me give some value to what my hotel points in all these programs are actually worth.

But in case that is ever not enough, Points With a Crew highlights three ways budget hotels beat out nicer properties.  I will bookmark this for the next time I’m checking into a limited service hotel and bemoaning my fate while reading blogger reports of high-end properties!  Number two is my favorite… and so true!

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