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I sometimes experience a strange sense of deja vu when checking into a chain hotel.  “Have I been here before?”, I wonder.  The Hyatt Place West Palm Beach is NOT one of those properties where this happens.  It won’t happen for anyone because it’s distinctive enough as a downtown-styled Hyatt Place property that it stands out from the usual build.  But it won’t happen for me because of a memorable incident a few years ago.

In that incident, I arrived to the hotel late one evening to discover that the hotel had given my room away and the hotel was sold out.  But they didn’t just give it to anyone – they gave it to ME.  Except it was not me.  It was someone they managed to check in under my name and reservation because she had a name that was somewhat similar to mine.  That person then would not vacate the room or come downstairs to have the room reassigned to their proper reservation.  The hotel bought me a couple of drinks at the bar and hooked me up with WiFi and printing until they were finally able to get the guest to vacate her room (as it turns out, she did not even have a reservation).  It was a debacle, but the staff handled it graciously… and we laughed about it on my next couple of stays.

Since then, I’ve returned several times.  It’s the only Hyatt property in the central stretch of Florida’s Atlantic coast where I have several clients.  But it’s also a wonderfully located property for anyone visiting West Palm Beach.


The hotel is located in West Palm Beach’s small downtown area.  The hotel has a street level entrance, but anyone who is parking a car can enter through the hotel’s small garage.  Parking is $19 a day, chargeable to the room.

Check In

My check in this time was smooth – no intruders on my reservation.  The front desk staff was quick to check me in and noted that I’d been upgraded to a suite on the second floor, which the staff noted would also provide me direct access to the parking garage should I wish to move my car.  (Note – I have not encountered suites at my typical Hyatt Places so this was news to me that they existed!)

The Room

The suite was room 213, a corner near the elevators.  The room location and size is noted on the map below:


Room 213 location – Hyatt Place West Palm Beach

The room was spacious – I walked in via a hallway which led to a desk area straight ahead or a bathroom to my left.


Suite hallway – Hyatt Place West Palm Beach

The bathroom was modern and updated with blue tones that made it bright and airy.


Spacious bathroom – Hyatt Place West Palm Beach

Continuing through the bathroom, the king bed was located its own alcove with plenty of space for luggage as well.  There was also a separate television in the bedroom.


King bed in suite – Hyatt Place West Palm Beach

The traditional Hyatt Place sectional was found in the round corner section of the room.  The usual room set up was enhanced by a few decorator accents and accessories such as the arrangement on the side table.


Traditional Hyatt Place sectional – West Palm Beach

Opposite the sectional was a television and desk (visible in the photo below) and the room design leads back around to a six person dining table and minibar, which is also the view when one walks in the room via the entry hallway.


Dining area – and in the distance, the desk/television set up – Hyatt Place West Palm Beach

The wetbar set up is standard to Hyatt Place properties but here is located near the dining area instead of adjacent to the desk.


Wetbar – Hyatt Place West Palm Beach

The hotel left a small gift (gummy candies from a local purveyor) on the mini bar for me… a very nice touch I am not used to from Hyatt Place properties.  This is the first time I’ve received it here so I’m not sure if this is something new or just a treat for suite guests.


A small gift – Hyatt Place West Palm Beach

Other Considerations

The hotel had a gym that was slightly larger than those I typically encounter at Hyatt Place locations.  It was airy and spacious and overall an enjoyable workout space.


Gym – Hyatt Place West Palm Beach

One feature the hotel was touting during my stay was their “brand new” lobby bar, open late and featuring hand-crafted cocktails.  I had hoped to stop in and try one, but the bar was crowded at 10 pm when I returned from dinner across the street at Mortons.


Newly remodeled bar – Hyatt Place West Palm Beach

There was also a cozy lobby lounge where I could have taken my drink, but I chose to retire to my suite instead.


Lobby living room – Hyatt Place West Palm Beach

The next morning, the hotel featured the usual Hyatt Place Gallery breakfast.  It was well-stocked but the downstairs area was crowded (probably due to a large group of teenagers who were staying at the property who all converged on the breakfast buffet ahead of me.


Breakfast buffet – Hyatt Place West Palm Beach

The hotel is close to a couple of downtown restaurants for those who want to get out and about – they also offer a complimentary shuttle Sunday through Thursday from 7 am to 11 pm to other locations within a two mile radius including popular retail and restaurant locations.

Check Out

I requested a late check out (I was not due on client site until 4 pm the next day) and I was a bit disturbed that was not communicated to housekeeping staff who not only began to knock on my door (with a do-not disturb sign on the door) around 10 am but that they persisted in trying to enter the room several times before my 2 pm check out.  This was the one blemish on my stay, particularly as I was interrupted twice in the middle of conference calls.

Once I did decide to leave, it was easy and painless – I was out of my room and in my car in less than five minutes, including my stop at the front desk.


This is one of my favorite Hyatt Place properties and my love for it was further enhanced on this stay.  While they, like any property, struggle from time to time with service delivery issues, I have found that they usually address them quickly.

I will go out of my way to stay here again when in the area… I just have to make certain no one steals my room again!

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